AI chipmaker Hailo releases new form factors to fit more edge devices

AI chipmaker Hailo releases new form factors to fit more edge devices
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Hailo wants to bring its groundbreaking AI chips to more edge devices with the release of new form factors.

The company’s AI modules offer unparalleled performance with up to 26 tera operations per second (TOPS).

In common neural network benchmarks, the Hailo-8 AI Acceleration Module outperforms Intel’s Myriad-X by 26x and Google’s Edge TPUs by 13x Frames Per Second (FPS) on average:

Hailo’s M.2 and PCI Express Mini Card modules now include the Hailo-8 in a form factor defined by standards bodies. The use of this standard makes it easier to integrate components such as WiFi and Bluetooth, or even things such as solid-state drives.

Foxconn’s BOXiedge server platform is already integrating the Hailo-8. BOXiedge can support at least 20 cameras and use the Hailo-8 for performing analysis of the footage at the edge.

The ability to more easily integrate a powerful AI chip like the Hailo-8 in edge devices should lead to a new generation of products across industries with powerful on-device capabilities.

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