Eclipse Foundation IoT developer survey: Edge analysis and highlights

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The Eclipse Foundation’s latest IoT developer survey has explored edge computing trends for the first time – with interesting results.

The study, which polled more than 1650 respondents from various industries and organisations, is also aimed at improving the foundation’s Edge Native Working Group, looking at delivering open source edge platforms.

Artificial intelligence was reported as the most frequent edge workload, cited by 30% of those polled. Control logic (29%), data exchange between multiple nodes (27%) and sensor fusion, fusing data aggregation and filtering (27%) were also cited.

Looking at specific artifacts for IoT solutions, native binary offerings are the most evident. Native binary was noted by one third (33%) of respondents, only behind container images (36%) but ahead of script files (30%). For models of deployment, almost half of those polled cited cloud-managed over the air updates (48%), ahead of locally-managed equivalents (42%).

For developers on IoT projects, this is an issue which sticks close to home. As Ben Wald, co-founder of IoT development house Very, told sister publication IoT News last month, explained, over the air firmware updates was an area the company was passionate about. “It’s hard, and a sticking point in a lot of IoT projects that we care a lot about,” he added.

In terms of specific programming languages, Java was at the top for IoT gateways and edge nodes with 20% of response, followed by Python (17%) and C (13%). This was similar for IoT cloud (Java 24%, Python 17%, JavaScript 16%), but different for IoT constrained devices (C 20%, Java 19%, C++ 15%).

Elsewhere, agriculture was seen as the primary industry focus for IoT developers. 26% of respondents cited smart agriculture as a growing area, compared with 21% this time last year. Industrial automation (21%) and smart cities (21%) also grew, while education and automotive either stayed level or declined.

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

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