EdgeX Foundry’s Hanoi release focuses on edge use cases for manufacturing and retail

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EdgeX Foundry has released its latest semi-annual iteration, called Hanoi, with a plethora of new features and industries targeted.

The release from the LF Edge-based project within the Linux Foundation, which is a minor offering, includes simplified deployment protocols, as well as improved performance and scalability testing.

The key launch from the product side is command line interface (CLI), enabling develoeprs and users to issue various EdgeX API calls to its services using terminal commands, to enable easier scripting of tasks.

Other iterations include improved edge data tagging, as well as the ability to provide guidance around EdgeX scaling as data is pushed through the system, or how many devices can be hung on an instance of EdgeX.

The release also dovetails with other LF Edge projects, such as Fledge. Fledge is an open source framework for the industrial edge focused on critical operations and predictive maintenance, and graduated to ‘growth’ stage in July, featuring contributions from Google, Nokia, and OSIsoft among others. With Hanoi, EdgeX has provided a sample service to export data from EdgeX to Fledge, while the next Fledge project will look to provide a device service to allow Fledge instances to feed EdgeX instances.

The list of current member offerings based on EdgeX can be seen to target the Industrial IoT and retail sectors. Thundersoft, a provider of open source technologies for 5G and artificial intelligence of Things (AIoT), is a good example with its EdgeStation product.

Writing in a blog post announcing the release, Jim White, EdgeX Foundry TSC chairman, noted the importance of what is a minor iteration to future projects. “EdgeX is in the midst of a refactoring and improvement of our microservice APIs,” White wrote. “These new V2 APIs, when completed, remove a lot of early EdgeX technical debt and will provide a better informational exchange as well as allow for many new, future release features.”

The release after Hanoi, called Ireland, is set to be a major 2.0 upgrade and is tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2021.

Photo by Chor Tsang on Unsplash

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