Enterprise execs prefer latency to speed – bolstering the edge use case

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A new report from IDC argues enterprises are prioritising latency over speed for data transfer – and turning to solutions which move technology resources closer to where data is produced and consumed.

The report, ‘Edge Computing Solutions Powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution‘ (email required), was commissioned by Lumen Technologies – the company formerly known as CenturyLink – and Intel.

90% of business leaders polled – 800 IT and operational technology decision makers in total – said they needed low latency of at least 10ms or less to ensure the success of their applications. 70% went a step further and demanded 5ms or less for edge initiatives.

One of the key use cases emerging for edge is through latency issues inherent in centralised computing scenarios, such as cloud computing, by distributing resources closer to where data is generated. 40% of companies polled said they planned to invest in new edge solutions within a year. Part of the reason was to help achieve real-time data consumption and analysis.

When looking at new edge solutions, almost three quarters (73%) of those polled said they preferred a flexible managed service model with subscription-based services. The report noted this aligned across B2B and B2C industries. Three quarters (75%) of executives said they saw edge computing as a strategic investment.

“C-suite leaders across verticals are looking to edge computing solutions to achieve significant operational efficiencies and improved security and compliance by limiting movement of data,” said Ghassan Abdo, research VP for worldwide telecom, virtualisation and CDN at IDC. “They also want to deliver better customer experiences. All of these priorities can be addressed through edge computing solutions.”

Survey participants, across four continents, included those in energy, logistics, public sector, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and retail banking.

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