Telehouse report notes tipping point for edge infrastructure investment

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Almost nine in 10 UK IT decision makers say edge computing will be important to their business in the next decade – while only a quarter of organisations deploy edge in some capacity today.

The findings come from new research by data centre provider Telehouse. The ‘Vision 2030’ report, which surveyed 250 UK IT executives, found 89% expecting edge to be key in the next 10 years. Three quarters of those polled said they expected the volume of data they manage to at least double over the coming decade.

62% of respondents said investment in data centre infrastructure would increase, while more than half (51%) plan to migrate applications to a hosted private or public cloud platform. Conversely, only a quarter (24%) expect to be deploying on-premise infrastructure.

The impact of Covid-19 on infrastructure strategies cannot be underestimated. 91% of those polled said they would make changes to their IT infrastructure following the pandemic. Just over a third (38%) said they would accelerate and shift more workloads to the cloud, with a similar number (34%) vowing to increase capacity in the data centre.

“It’s not surprising that appetite for edge computing is growing,” said Mark Pestridge, senior customer experience director of Telehouse in a statement. “It’s now more important than ever for businesses to store, access and analyse… exponential levels of data at record speeds, and technologies like edge and cloud will be critical in enabling this.

“Ultimately, the key for success for organisations will be building the right infrastructure foundations and connectivity, so choosing the right partner will be critical,” Pestridge added.

Alongside increasing capacity and exploring edge ecosystems, the need to reduce environmental footprint was also noted in the research. 86% of those polled said sustainability was important in their IT infrastructure decision making process – yet 32% said they did not currently monitor the environmental footprint of their IT operations.

You can read the full Vision 2030 report here (email required).

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