Hivecell and DataRobot partner for enterprises to deploy AI at the edge

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Hivecell, a provider of ‘edge as a service’ technologies, has teamed up with enterprise AI platform DataRobot to help process machine learning (ML) models closer to the edge.

The two companies will combine the DataRobot platform, which ‘democratises data science and drives automated decision intelligence’, with Hivecell’s scalable infrastructure.

The combined benefit will be primarily focused around efficiency and cost. Organisations will be able to deploy on-premise compute power to up to thousands of locations while managing them from one central location. This will see a net benefit of halving costs compared with traditional cloud providers, the companies promise.

The partnership was announced at the AI Experience Worldwide event earlier this week.

Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO of Hivecell, noted the importance of companies capitalising on AI and ML amid an ‘intelligence revolution’, while DataRobot CEO Dan Wright explored the wider rationale of the partnership.

“We’re always looking to drive better business outcomes for our diverse customer base and we recognise the benefits, including reduced costs and improved bandwidth, edge computing brings to the AI lifecycle,” said Wright. “We’re pleased to team up with Hivecell to help organisations leverage machine learning models at the edge which will help them make faster, more accurate predictions that drive better business outcomes.”

Utilising edge computing as a way of unlocking greater potential in AI and ML is a strong use case, with many companies exploring it. As this publication reported in March, Microsoft’s Azure Percept had a similar vision, giving customers a ‘single, end-to-end system from hardware to AI capabilities that ‘just [worked]’ without requiring a lot of technical know-how.’

The competition between cloud providers and the niche ‘edge as a service’ players such as Hivecell going forward will be an interesting one.

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