AT&T and Google Cloud upscale 5G and edge collaboration

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AT&T and Google Cloud have announced an upscaling of their collaborative efforts to deliver ‘next-generation business outcomes’ through edge computing solutions.

The two companies intend to focus on further developing AT&T’s on-premises Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) solution, as well as AT&T Network Edge capabilities through 5G, LTE and wireline.

The announcement follows on from a year of successful collaboration between the firms, with a recent press release from AT&T envisioning the future development of its edge computing portfolio:

It stated: “We are taking the next step to deliver transformative capabilities that help businesses drive real value and build industry-changing experiences with the ability to use Google Maps, Android, Pixel, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other solutions across Google for more immersive customer experiences.”

This will include building solutions for a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to entertainment to healthcare, with a focus on improving real-time capabilities and applying virtual reality (VR) solutions.

AT&T’s MEC solution, partnered with Google Cloud, combines AT&T’s existing 5G offering with core Google Cloud capabilities, including Kubernetes, artificial intelligence, machine learning and a robust edge ISV ecosystem.

With the solution, enterprises can build and run modern applications close to their end users, with the flexibility to manage data on-premises, in a data centre, or through cloud technology.

George Nazi, VP of telecom, media and entertainment solutions at Google Cloud, said: “By combining the power of AT&T 5G and Google Cloud technologies, we are helping enterprises create new customer experiences and business services that were previously impossible.”

Rashesh Patel, chief product and platform officer at AT&T Business, added: “With premises-based 5G and edge computing, we give our customers even greater control of where their data goes and how they use it – at higher speeds and with lower latency. These capabilities allow businesses to deliver unique experiences to their customers, today and into the future.”

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