AT&T unite with US Naval Postgrad School on 5G and edge solutions

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AT&T unite with US Naval Postgrad School on 5G and edge solutions
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AT&T has revealed it will work alongside the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in California, researching and building 5G and edge computing solutions.

Both parties have entered into a three year collaborative research and development agreement (CRADA) that will centre around Camp Roberts, the NPS main campus and one of the schools beach labs in Monterey County.

The focus of the research will be to “explore the development of 5G and edge computing-powered sea applications that connect crewed and non-crewed vessels and sensors”.

Beyond this the programme is also hoping to provide “all-domain maritime solutions for a broad array of defence, industry and commercial applications”.

Thus far, the placement of AT&T’s 5G networking infrastructure has already begun at NPS. AT&T has said that a key goal of the equipment placement is to ease access for faculty and students conducting autonomous vehicle research at a former waste-water treatment facility on the site.

Mike Galbraith, US Navy chief digital and innovation officer, said: “5G and multi-access edge computing capabilities are increasingly important in our personal lives and even more important to our warfighters.

“The collaboration between the Naval Postgraduate School and AT&T will help us explore better, faster means of collecting, disseminating, and analysing data at the tactical edge, which is vital to maintaining and exploiting battlespace awareness. Experiments conducted under the NPS-AT&T CRADA are expected to complement other Navy efforts to apply 5G and AI to enterprise and tactical uses.”

The NPS-AT&T team expects the first 5G and multiaccess edge computing nodes to be operational by the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.

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