EDJX and Cubic developing new ‘Internet of Military Things’ edge platform

Frontline Soldiers
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“At the edge” cloud startup EDJX and defence network specialist Cubic Corporation are partnering to launch an “Internet of Military Things” (IoMT) edge platform.

Using Cubic’s computing and networking hardware alongside EDJX’s operating system, EdjOS, the goal is to develop a scalable, cloud-enabled, “base to battlefield” edge framework designed for the military and civilian first responders.

The proposed IoMT will originate from a central “headquarter cloud” to decentralised clouds and “cloudlets” to connect soldiers and first responders at the tactical edge. In these front line environments, the EDJX “pico-cloud” would provide last-mile wireless connectivity to user devices.

EDJX Edge Diagram

The collaboration also includes Blueforce Development, an AI and predictive analytics specialist. In addition, the edge concept will be demonstrated on the Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN), a test bed for autonomous edge applications operated by the Autonomy Institute.

Blueforce will also become the first certified application developer on the proposed IoMT platform.

John Cowan, EDJX co-founder and CEO, said: “Launching the IoMT Edge Platform in partnership with Cubic ushers in the era of Industry 4.0 by bringing all of the key ingredients missing in the pursuit of mobile, intelligent, and autonomous systems development.”

The platform will launch on the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Texas Military Department’s Camp Mabry, coinciding with the deployment of the PINN infrastructure.

This Alpha Lab will also be available for developers to build, test, and deploy next generation IoT solutions, providing the blueprint for new military and civilian use cases.

Lt. Col. Alex Goldberg, southwest region engagement lead for the defence innovation unit, said: “We are excited to support the launch of the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab. We are continually looking to leverage and accelerate the adoption of new commercial technology and novel architecture deployments like the PINNs.

This lab will help bring the concept of the Internet of Military Things to fruition by acting as a pathfinder for our systems to connect, share data, and learn.”

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