Lenovo and VMWare work together to make the Resilient Edge a reality

Lenovo and VMWare work together to make the Resilient Edge a reality
Lenovo’s story has always been about shaping computing intelligence to create a better world. With a wide portfolio of technology products, the company delivers on its vision of "Smarter Technology for All" through products, solutions, software, and services that individuals, communities, businesses, and entire populations need to fulfill their potential.

Edge computing – bringing compute capabilities outside of the data centre, closer to where the data is being created or used – represents the next reality. With the growing demand on network infrastructure and the advent of 5G, edge computing becomes a must to reduce the requirement on the infrastructure, get much faster insights from available data and deliver new and better services to end users.

Lenovo is first-to-market with VMWare Edge Compute Stack on Lenovo Think System SE350 edge server, seamlessly extending VMWare’s environment from the data centre to the edge.

The ThinkSystem SE350 is a compact, rugged device, able to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, with enhanced security and low touch deployment making it the perfect fit for Edge environments.

The combination of Lenovo’s compact and powerful SE350 Edge server with pre-loaded VMware ESXi and defined software stack VMware vSAN and vSphere (VMware Tanzu™ and SD-WAN are optional) makes this solution easy to deploy for customers of all sizes and industry types.

The new solution will be delivered directly to customer edge sites with the VMware software solution pre-loaded on a pair of security enhanced ThinkSystem SE350s.

In addition, Lenovo also announced the enhancement of Lenovo Open Cloud Automation management software to automate the planning, deployment and ongoing management of data centre cloud deployments all the way to edge sites.  Organizations can now plan their data centre cloud and edge infrastructure solutions using the same management software.

Retail, manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities and many more can benefit from resilient edge computing that extends the VMware environment out from the core data centre.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Lenovo as customers are taking their innovation from the data centre to the public cloud to the edge,” says Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP, Edge Computing, VMware.

Watch the Lenovo Tech World thought leadership session and deep dive on Resilient Edge to find out more about the solution.

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