Three quarters of edge insiders expect more project spending in 2022

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Three quarters of edge insiders expect more project spending in 2022
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More than three quarters (77%) of 153 decision-makers and implementers in the edge computing industry expect to spend more on edge projects in 2022 than 2021.

The findings are part of a new ‘Edge Computing Landscape: 2021’ report sponsored by ZEDEDA, an edge orchestration company, and carried out by EMC Research.

Of the respondents, a slightly reduced 74% were confident edge spending at their organisations would increase by up to 25% this year.

Said Ouissal, founder and CEO of ZEDEDA, commented: “It makes sense that as more data is processed at the edge of the network, more spending also moves to the edge.

Companies see edge computing as a foundational enabler for digital transformation. As organisations modernise their OT and IT infrastructure to connect previously unconnected devices and systems to the cloud, edge computing enables these new architectures with flexibility, agility and security.”

Respondents were spread across operational technology (OT), IT, and line-of-business roles, but all stressed the importance of open source to their edge computing solutions. The highest number who deemed open source important came from OT (88%), with 83% of IT and 75% in line-of-business agreeing.

Vendor lock-in was a bigger concern for IT and line-of-business respondents, but 69% of OT respondents also reported it as a concern.

Within individual edge projects, the survey found that OT departments typically drive the core use case, whilst IT departments are brought in secondarily to determine how to scale the effort.

Michael Pearl, ZEDEDA’s vice president of global sales, said: “With ongoing COVID-19 and supply chain issues driving the need for more rapid digital transformation, we are seeing companies gain even more confidence in the market and moving innovative projects forward more quickly than they have in the past couple of years.

“More edge nodes are being deployed and new data-driven solutions are launching because of the need to move compute closer to the physical world and increase overall resilience to prepare for future events.”

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