Whitepaper: What is Bare Metal in the Cloud?

When you see ‘Bare Metal’ and ‘Cloud’ in the same sentence, you might ask: why would I need that? Isn’t the point of the cloud to get away from using servers? Well, yes and no.

Download this white paper to learn how to take full control of your infrastructure, with high-performance, single-tenant dedicated servers easily managed in a simple UI


On-Demand Webinar: How to Layer Your Email Security in Microsoft 365 For Maximum Protection


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Risks to your email security have never been greater. New and sophisticated phishing attacks are constantly incoming, while employees remain heavily reliant on email communication to support hybrid working, increasing the chance of data loss.

With Microsoft’s native security technology deployed, you now need to examine the next layer to your email security...

On-Demand Panel Webinar: Demystifying the Cloud For Your Transformation Journey


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As digital transformation shifts have been accelerated by the effects of COVID-19, the world fully woke up to the importance of the cloud as a technology game changer. Cloud computing has become an essential component of any innovative organisational strategy and an increasing number of forward-thinking industry leaders are using this technology to run their organisations more...

Whitepaper: RIC as the Next Generation SON for Open RAN and More

From base station controller (BSC) to 3GPP self-organizing networks (SON), the radio access networks intelligent controller (RIC) becomes the next gen SON for all Gs.

Download this white paper to learn key insights, including how RIC:

Enables open innovation in the RAN domainGives more RAN control back to the CSPsAllows fine-grained UE policy deploymentsProvides real-time RAN automationEnables proactive network resource management and service differentiation COMPLETE THE...

Exclusive Video: Keynote – Edge Computing – ‘What customers are doing today and will be doing tomorrow’

This talk, by Scale Computing's CEO & co-founder Jeff Ready, appeared on day 2 of the Edge Computing Expo North America 2021.

Edge Computing allows IT leaders to run mission-critical applications and infrastructure outside the four walls of the datacenter. Edge deployments need a high degree of automation and low touch IT management, and must be cost effective with a measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

It is predicted that by 2025, three-quarters...